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“There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.” –FLW
Owner Representation

As Construction Managers, McCaslin Associates provides leadership and management for the entire construction process.The construction management contract establishes the firm as the owner's agent, representing the owner in all matters pertaining to the construction project. We assume fiduciary duty—an obligation to act always in the best interest of the owner. This fiduciary duty provides enormous benefits to the owner.

Single Source Responsibility
Single source responsibility for construction coordination means that we are accountable to you alone. Because your satisfaction is our goal, we strive to successfully address your individual needs and translate them into working solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations. With our comprehensive services, changes can be made—at any stage—at minimal cost.
Contrator Bidding & Coordination
Choice and relationship are the two key elements that differentiate this style of construction. McCaslin Associates packages and bids all the work to various contractors. Each bid package is reviewed with the owner, giving the owner the opportunity for input and knowledge of the contractors working on the project. Furthemore, when issues regarding price and schedule arise again the owner has the opportunity for choice.
Construction management offers the greatest savings of all styles of construction. A direct relationship forms between the owner and the contractors; as a result, there are no middleman mark-up fees. General contractors impose mark-up fees that average 20% or more and are based on the total cost of construction. As Construction Managers, McCaslin Associates provides a professional service and charges by the hour for services provided. There are no fees added for material procurement—on the contrary, we work hard to ensure that our clients always benefit from the lowest material cost.
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