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“Architecture is the scientific, correct, and magnificent
play of forms in light.”–Le Corbusier

McCaslin Associate's understands all of the elements in order to deliver a cost-effective project on schedule and within budget. Our Program Management team represents our customers who choose us to oversee their work, direct construction, and coordinate interfaces with other disciplines and stakeholders by managing their mutifaceted programs. Through overseeing budgets, completion status, quality of construction from start to finish ensures our clients result in a quality project. Observational site visits, providing field reports, photo documentation, and attending job meetings are some of the services offered. The handling of submittals, testing and inspection reports, supplemental documentation and change orders along with any other situations that may arise all the way to the project closeout and accompaning punch out walk throughs. McCaslin Associates extensive job site and construction experience make our firm a leader in managing your next project.




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